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Our Beginning

Zacon Limited began operations in 1987 with the concept to manufacture, service, and export Mine Automated Safety Products. In the beginning the company developed a System to inject stench in to a mine, using a specific (Measured and Metered) amount, over a specified time and observing the short term expose limit. (S.T.E.L.). We have since developed it to use on Ventilation on demand. Not long after we developed the “Patented Zacon Balanced Ventilated Door” (BVD) and the “Balanced Personnel Door” (BPD) and the control systems to match.

Zacon Limited operates a Quality Management System wich complies with the requirements of ISO 2001:2008 for the Manufacturing of electrical instruments and safety devices and control panels and steel fabrication.

Our Mission

To provide customer service along with efficient, safe solutions to improve the performance and safety of mining operations long after the sale.

Our Quality

Zacon Limited is a Quality Management System Company. The company is ISO 9001:2008 Registered.

Doing Business with the World

Our product confidence has far reached all corners of the globe with quality and safety solutions, keeping power conservation in mind. Location around the world include:
Canada • U.S.A. • Turkey • Saudi-Arabia • Chile • Peru • South Africa • Libya • Indonesia • Russia • Ireland • England • Australia… just to mention a few!

Zacon Limited

2906 Belisle Drive
Val Caron, Ontario, Canada  P3N 1B3

Toll Free:  1.888.298.3111
Telephone:  1.705.897.2002
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    Zacon Limited

    2906 Belisle Drive
    Val Caron, Ontario, Canada  P3N 1B3

    Toll Free: 1.888.298.3111
    Telephone: 1.705.897.2002