Balanced Personnel Doors

How it Works

The Zacon Balanced Personnel Door uses the same patented "Balanced System" as the larger Balanced Ventilation Doors. Dividing the door into two halves, with each section swinging in opposite directions, ignores the static air pressures and ramp slopes.

The force on one section opening into the air pressure and flow is cancelled by the opposite section going with the air flow. The net result is a personnel door that can be opened into extremely high pressures with relative ease.

The "self-closing operator" (standard on every door) keeps the door closed at all times, when not in use. This added feature is adjustable to your requirements.

To help eliminate pinch areas, again, keeping safety in mind ; the Zacon Balanced Personnel Door is accessible with a stretcher "No More Squeezing". Door clearance is 3 (three) feet wide x 7 (seven) feet high.

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