Balanced Ventilation Doors

Over View and Benefits

Operating Principal Uses a patented balanced system that ignores static air pressure and ramp slopes.
Static Pressure From 0 to 14" W.C.
(On pre Engineered Systems)
Operation Economical low power draw. All components designed for absolute minimal/no maintenance and upkeep. Doors designed to be blast resistant.
Safety Initialization of Door movement activates flashing lights and horns when door is about to move as well as while it is in motion.
Economics One of the least expensive systems on the market.
Installation Door systems are quick and easy to install.
Activation Push buttons, pull cords, cap lamp sensors, infrared, remote control (in motion), motion sensors and manual operation.
Retrofit Existing door frames can be utilized with the Balanced Ventilation Door System.
Options Doors can send a signal to surface indicating what position they are in at all times.

Automatic doors can be opened/closed/or positioned from surface.

Air flow sensors and controllers can make the door control air flow to a desired SCFM.

Blast design components will automatically release concussion pressures.More Options can be found on Door and Door Control page.

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