Balanced Ventilation Doors



A manual door has many benefits being the key component to the entire Zacon system. What makes this Mine Ventilation Door advanced from the rest, is the Patented Balancing System. This unique design can be manually opened even under high static pressures, eliminating all mechanical controls and built in personnel doors.

Controlled Systems: Electro Hydraulic and Electro Pneumatic

Have full control over the Zacon Balanced Ventilation Door with a pre-programmed or custom programmed control panel. From operating a single door to an Air Lock system. These control panels can be adapted to what you require:

  • Standard open/close.
  • Surface controlled opening/closing.
  • Percentage positioning for control of SCFM (keep door position at #% open).
  • Adjust positioning (with wind velocity) automatically.
  • Motion control.
  • Pull Cord Switch / Cap Lamp Sensor for Door Operation.
  • Custom Controls to meet your needs.

Retro Fit:

  • Retro Fit your old Door with Zacon Controls.
  • Install Zacon Balanced Ventilation Door in existing Door Frames.
  • Install Spragge System to your old Door. (Steel Only)

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