Balanced Ventilation Doors


Along with all of the control and versatility of the Zacon "Balanced Ventilation Doors" comes the industry standard in safety.

Safety of personnel is of course everyone's top priority. The Zacon Balanced Ventilation Door encompasses numerous safety features to address this.

"The Door Built with Safety in Mind"

Zacon Balanced Ventilation Door firstly deals with the static pressures by canceling its effects on the two door panels. As the door panels move in opposite directions, force on one door aids the other in opening or closing. Massive vent doors can be opened or closed manually. Ramp slope effects are also cancelled as one door panel is operating uphill while the other is downhill. The door can be fitted with an operating mechanism, Electro-Hydraulic or Electro-Pneumatic control allowing for:

  • Door movement pre-warning; Lights & Horns
  • Low force actuation
  • Safety trip cutout for personnel/machinery
  • Local and surface operation
  • This is all possible due to Zacon's Patented Balanced Ventilation Door System
  • Control of Air Flow (SCFM)
  • Control of Traffic
Other Safety Features Include:
  • High visibility Safety Yellow paint
  • Reflective tape striping (additional if required). (Optional).
  • Mine fire rated door fabrication. (with 3/16" steel plated skin on door panels)
  • Warning alarms flashing lights & horns when door is about to move and while in motion.(necessary to meet the Mining Act) in Canada.
  • Safety trip; shuts down door movement if personnel, machinery, or objects are in full path of doorway
  • Extra wide opening, door swings out of traffic way when in open position (100 Deg.).
  • Manual override - doors can be opened, even in a power failure by a single personnel.
  • Safety Zone - shuts down door open/close if personnel or machinery enters door movement area.

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