Compressed Air Conservation

Because of high energy costs. Zacon has developed a system to control the loss of Compressed Air. Leaks in a System can account for 20% waste in power costs, with some systems being far in excess of that.

The Zacon CAC system will control and monitor your Compressed Air System and its distribution. All this by shutting down and isolating levels on Off Shifts and bring the much needed Compressed Air where it is needed.

This system is very straight forward, simplistic and inexpensive. Immediate cost savings will be realized.

Compressed Air Conservation Control Specifications

  • Major Electrical Savings
  • Maintenance Savings
  • Operations Savings
  • System Optimization
  • Minimize Exposure to Leaks
  • Valve lockout and tagging option
  • Failsafe Operation
  • Continued System Feedback
  • Local, Shift Office, and Control Room operation
  • Electrical Drawings and Manuals Included
  • Patent Pending

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