Red Rider Infra Red Remote Control

Used for remote Industrial Applications for operation of hard or out of reach items. And, can be used for any other Industrial Remote needs, ie: fans, pumps, valves etc. The Red Rider is designed to give operator's "On the Move Control" of Ramp Traffic Lights and/or Ventilation Doors.

It's capable of transmitting 15 different signals giving the operator control of up to 15 different operations. The range is up to 250 feet line of sight.

For the on the move mine, consider the Red Rider Infra Red Remote system.

Red Rider Remote Control Specifications

  • Receiver in a Nema 4 x Enclosure
  • Operated by I.R. beam from operator's Transmitter (Red Rider)
  • Transmitter in an anodized aluminum case
  • Specifically designed for underground use
  • Compact Transmitter in small case on operator's belt or attached to vehicle by a clip-in bracket
  • Can perform a multitude of functions
  • Inexpensive

Replaces Pull Cords Underground

Vehicles can continue movement as switching is done "in motion"

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