Stench System

Stench Gas:

Ethyl Mercaptan

Ethyl Mercaptan (Ethanethiol) a colorless organic liquid C2H5SH that has a strong odor and is added to odorless gas's for fuel as a warning agent. In mining we use it in the same manner, it is the only reliable way of alerting underground personnel as to a problem within the Mine. Ethyl Mercaptan can be detected at part per billion.

With the make-up of our cylinders, the product that comes out is non flammable.

The end result is a definitive warning to let all workers underground know of an emergency, and safety pre-cautions need to be taken.


Has been created to (counter act) the Ethyl Mercaptan. It is recommended that all Compressor Lines are flushed with Anti-Stench for neutralization or residual stench on the interior of pipe walls.


To be fired in a Fresh Air System to act as a mask or deodorizer of the Ethyl Mercaptan. Allowing production to be up and running quicker. Some mines use wintergreen as a mine warning odor.

By using Anti-Stench or Wintergreen Cylinders, optimal preparation of the Compressed or Ventilation Air Lines have been considered.

For: Stench Injection Systems

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MWD-100-E-134A-LC-400 (Ethyl Mercaptan)
MWD-200-E-134A-LC-200 (Ethyl Mercaptan)
MWD-200-E-134A-LC-400 (Ethyl Mercaptan)
MWD-300-E-134A-LC-200 (Ethyl Mercaptan)
MWD-500-E-134A-LC-200 (Ethyl Mercaptan)
MWD-500-E-134A-LC-400 (Ethyl Mercaptan)

MWD-500-W-134A-LC-200 (Wintergreen)
MWD-500-W-134A-LC-400 (Wintergreen)

MWD-100-E-134A-SC-200 (Ethyl Mercaptan)
MWD-100-E-134A-SC-240 (Ethyl Mercaptan)

MWD-100-A-134A-SC-240 (Anti-Stench)

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