Balanced Ventilation Doors – BVD

Balanced Ventilation Doors – BVD

How it Works

Zacon Balanced Ventilation Door firstly deals with the static pressures by canceling its effects on the two door panels. As the door panels move in opposite directions, force on one door aids the other in opening or closing. Massive vent doors can be opened or closed manually. Ramp slope effects are also cancelled as one door panel is operating uphill while the other is downhill. Underground applications include: diamond, gold, nickel, copper, palladium, platinum, gypsum, potash, zinc, titanium, uranium, coal, etc…


Canadian Patent No.: 2,348,348

US Patent No.: 6.361,430 B2

  • Low force actuation
  • Local and surface operation
  • This is all possible due to Zacon’s Patented Balanced Ventilation Door System
  • Control of Air Flow (SCFM) infinite positioning and repositioning optional
  • Control of Traffic
  • Mine 1 hours fire rated door fabrication. (with 3/16″ steel plated skin on door panels) custom as required
  • Extra wide opening, door swings out of traffic way when in open position up to (100 Deg.).
  • On board PLC communicates and operates with surface if required.
  • Surface Control for Blasting Operations.
  • The patented balanced system ignores static air pressure and ramp slopes.
  • From 0 to 14” W.C
  • Economical low power draw. All components designed for absolute minimal/no maintenance and upkeep.
  • Door systems are quick and easy to install.
  • Push buttons, pull cords, cap lamp sensors, remote control motion sensors and manual operation.
  • Custom programming.


  • Heights: from 5 feet to 16 feet
  • Widths: from 7 feet to 16 feet
  • Custom sizes available

Door Frame

  • 8″ Steel Channel 44W (300W)
  • 15mm rebar hoops (welded to mainframe for shotcrete installation)

Door Leafs

  • 2″ x 3″ HSS tubing 50W (350W)
  • 3/16″ steel plate skin 44W (300W) Fire Rated 1 hour


  • Extra Heavy Duty Hinges
  • Greaseless (maintenance free) Grease at install and don’t regrease again

Balance Arms

  • Extra Heavy Duty Balance Plates
  • (drive mechanisms)


  • Electro-Hydraulic Actuator
  • 115V.A.C., 20 Amp, single phase c/w Hydraulic
  • Power Pack (develops 3,680 lbs. of thrust).

Control Panel

  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • All controls CSA approved buttons

Safety Devices

  • Warning horns (regulation)
  • Flashing lights (regulation)
  • Redundant Trip sensors (regulation) pressure and static
  • Safety Zone (optional)


  • Safety Yellow (2 part epoxy system)
  • Primer: Zinc Rich Primer
  • Preparation: Commercial Sand Blast

“The Door Built with Safety in Mind ”

Along with all of the control and versatility of the Zacon Balanced Ventilation Doors comes the industry standard in safety.

Safety of personnel is of course everyone’s top priority. The Zacon Balanced Ventilation Door encompasses numerous safety features to address this.

  • High visibility Safety Yellow paint – 2 part Epoxy
  • Reflective tape striping
  • Warning alarms flashing lights & horns when door is about to move and while in motion. (necessary to meet the Mining Act) in Canada.
  • Safety trip; release shuts down door movement if personnel, machinery, or objects are in full path of doorway
  • Manual override – doors can be opened manually, even in a power failure.

Manual Door System:

A manual door has many benefits being the key component to the entire Zacon system. What makes this Mine Ventilation Door advanced from the rest, is the Patented Balancing System. This unique design can be manually opened even under high static pressures, eliminating all mechanical controls and built in personnel doors.

Controlled System:

Have full control over the Zacon Balanced Ventilation Door with a pre-programmed or custom programmed controlled panel. From operating a single door to an Air Lock system. These control panels can be adapted to what you require:

  • Standard open/close.
  • Surface controlled opening/closing.
  • Percentage positioning for control of SCFM (keep door position at #% open). Optional.
  • Motion control.
  • Pull Cord Switch / Cap Lamp Sensor for Door Operation / Hand held/ equipment mounted remote
  • Custom Controls to meet your needs.

Retro Fit:

  • Retro fit your old Door with Zacon Controls.
  • Install Zacon Balanced Ventilation Door in existing Door Frames.


All Balanced Ventilation Door Systems, as well as Retro-Fit Systems come complete with General Arrangement, Installation and Wiring drawings. These drawings are printable versions. And are made to you in 11″ x 17″.


Also included with the Door System is a complete manual. This complete manual is specific to the actual designed Door System or Retro-Fit package. The manual includes an installation, operations, and maintenance section; along with a parts list and the PLC Programming. A hard copy and printable version on USB Key.

Light Duty Balance Ventilation Door – LT BVD

The LT BVD is based on Zacon Limited’s proven Balance Ventilation Door and holds the same quality, durability, Low maintenance reliability and customer service needed for your mining operation to function properly.

  • The LT BVD is designed for lower airflows up to 7.65 inches of W.C., this gives you what you expect from a Balance Ventilation door, but with a lower rating and a lower cost.
  • The parts are interchangeable, other than the parts that are based on the size of the door. The Low maintenance of the doors is something that our customers have come to enjoy, with less downtime because of parts breaking, or not being able to repair a door in house because there are hundreds of pieces, and complexity of other door systems.
  • The LT BVD gives you the capability of installing, maintaining, and fixing the door on site, without needed offsite help.
  • The doors are known to opened and closed 300 plus times a day if needed without issue, or opened and closed when needed and you can trust that you will not have any issues.

We offer in person visits for a crash course on how the doors work, installation, and maintenance here in our facility in Sudbury Ontario. We have a full size doors in house that individuals can learn and master the doors that they have on site. This gives your employees the knowledge’s the needs to make sure your doors work, and that if they need to fix them because of an incident.

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